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The National PARAM Supercomputing Facility (NPSF) is a result of more than two and half decade effort of Research and Development (R&D) in High Performance Computing (HPC) since C-DAC's inception. The National PARAM Supercomputing Facility was setup with a mandate to offer state-of-the-art High Performance Computing systems and resources to the scientific user community of various academic and research institutes, help them with the know-how and usage of such systems and proliferate HPC awareness in the country. The initiatives at National PARAM Supercomputing Facility have contributed to the proliferation of parallel and distribute processing technologies in India which in turn has helped several researchers from various scientific and engineering disciplines to carry out their research more effectively.

Below are the two systems that are operated under NPSF

  • AIRAWAT PSAI System (integrated PARAM Siddhi-AI and AIARWAT PoC system) with theoretical peak performance of 410 AI PF / 13.17 PF (DP) has been benchmarked and achieved 8.5 PF (DP) sustained performance. With this performance, the system has been ranked 75th in the 61st Top500 list of supercomputers.
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