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'पराम युवा-2' चे आधुनिकीकरण सुरु Content in Marathi) Feb 09
C-DAC launches PARAM Yuva II Feb 09
Param Yuva II will help boost space research Supercomputer Was Developed In Record Three Months Feb 09
C-DAC unveils India's fastest supercomputer Param Yuva II Feb 09
C-DAC unveils Param Yuva-II, India's fastest supercomputer Feb 09
India clicks on Param Yuva ll Feb 09
India's fastest supercomputer Param Yuva-II launched Feb 09
C-DAC PARAM Yuva – II: India's Fastest Supercomputer Launched Feb 09
India’s Fastest Supercomputer 'Param Yuva II' Unveiled Feb 09
दुनिया का 62वां और इंडिया का सबसे तेज है यह कम्प्यूटर (Content in Hindi) Feb 09
जैवशास्त्रात मानवी समस्या सोडविण्याचे सार्मथ्य डॉ. जी. व्ही. रामराजू यांचे मत (Content in Marathi) Feb 20
Pune on govt radar for bio-info programme Feb 21
स्मार्ट कार्डद्वारे उपचार योजनेबाबत विचार (Content in Marathi) Feb 21
Tailor-made medicine, vision for the future Feb 21
C-DAC facilitates 3-day international symposium on ‘Accelerating Biology 2013’ Feb 21
गुणसूत्रांवर आधारित औषधोपचार होणार शक्य! (Content in Marathi) Feb 22
Online laboratories for CBSE schools soon Feb 24
Experimenting online, with acids & alkalis Feb 26
CBSE goes virtual with OLabs for schoolkids Mar 04
An interaction-programme on IASF held Mar 08
Interaction program on farmers held Mar 08
Agriculture interaction programme held Mar 08
..आता मराठीसाठी 'यशोमुद्रा'! (Content in Marathi) Mar 09
C-DAC develops standard font for Marathi language Mar 11
टीव्हीसमोर बसून मातृभाषेतून अभ्यास (Content in Marathi) April 11
टीव्हीवर मनोरंजनासह मातृभाषेतून शिक्षण (Content in Marathi) April 11
आता टीव्हीद्वारेही 'ई-लर्निग'! (Content in Marathi) April 11
C-DAC lines up three launches on 26th Foundation Day April 11
C-DAC to launch 3 new products April 11
New e-learning software to be launched today April 11
संपाऐवजी पात्रता पूर्ण करवी : मुख्यमंत्री (Content in Marathi) April 12
आंदोलन करने के बजाय गुणवत्ता सुधारें (Content in Hindi) April 12
कम्प्युटर वापराचे 'मराठीकरण' हवे (Content in Marathi) April 12
Teachers’ ‘reluctant’ attitude hurts innovation: CM April 12
CM criticises agitating teachers April 12
सवलतींसाठी प्राध्यापकांचा बहिष्कार- मुख्यमंत्री (Content in Marathi)  April 12
CM expresses dismay over teachers' attitude  April 12
Govt offering nearly 200 services through cell phones  May 22
Bridging the gap in health services delivery  June 05
सी-डैक का एडवांस ट्रैनिंग प्रोग्राम 29 तक (Content in Hindi)  June 18
2 supercomputers from Pune in world's fastest 100  June 19
C-DAC ties up with NITS for computer research and analysis  June 20
mBillionth Award: Rewarding innovations in mobile technology  July 21
‘टेलिमेडिसिन’द्वारे वाढणार आरोग्यसेवेची व्याप्ती (Content in Marathi)  Sept 02
डॉक्‍टरांच्या मदतीला "सीडॅक'चे "निंबस'(Content in Marathi)  Sept 02
टेलिमेडिसिनसाठी सी-डॅकचा 'मक्यरुरी निंबस सूट' (Content in Marathi)  Sept 02
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing technology promises to cut telemedicine cost by 80%  Sept 02
Medical colleges to be knit into natl network  Sept 02
C-DAC scientists selected for Vasvik Research Award  Sept 10
New system to help disabled, illiterate get info in hospitals  Sept 26
‘स्पीच टू टेक्स्ट’ सॉफ्टवेअर विकसित (Content in Marathi)  Sept 26
संभाषणातील भाषेचे बंधन मोबाइल दूर करणार! (Content in Marathi)  Sept 26
"सीडॅक' भाषांतराची प्रणाली विकसित करणार (Content in Marathi)  Sept 26
Don’t know the language? Let your smartphone do the talking for you  Sept 26
'सी-डैक' चा महासंगणक 'ग्रीन500' मध्ये 44 वा (Content in Marathi)  Nov 22
‘Green’ supercomputers: C-DAC’s Param Yuva II top ranked in India  Nov 23
Param Yuva II, country's pride, ranks 44th in world  Nov 25
‘परम युवा टू’ हाच सुपर कम्प्युटर (Content in Marathi)  Nov 26
Tech That!  Dec
What's Sooper about these Computers?  Dec 16